I wanted to add this new page so that you can see what changes are going to be appearing on the website. Like a running diary of events, you can see what developments I will be doing and their progress.

If you want contact me about any of this with feedback or suggestions for further enhancements please email me here.

Regards, Andy

1) Changes to Gallery layout. Status: Completed

Improved layout to ensure that each thumbnail space is sized the same and that photos are grouped by season.

2) Career statistics. Status: Completed

I recieved some data from Chris Brook last year which is a statistics summary of all players who have played for Clive Vale over the years up until season 2007. I plan to put this information on the statistics page as a new report. The report will also be designed to include figures from seasons since 2007 so should change on a per match basis.

3) Player profiles. Status: Not started

This page will include player information such as whether they bat or bowl and their career statistics to date. And of course obligatory player profile pic! :)

4) Admin area for members. Status: In progress - planning stage

An area for site administrators which will provide facilities to enter new scorecards, match reports and upload photos. I've only planned this out on paper so far hence the current status. :)

5) New history page. Status: Not started

I have recently received old photographs and original copies of the old club newsletter "The Blade", kindly sent all the way over from New Zealand from Bob Drury. Bob used to play for the club in the 1960's and his father Claude was one of the founding members. Thanks Bob, this content will make an excellent addition to the site.

6) Previous results against opposition. Status: Not started

If you get an idea in your head, write it down :) Some way to display a list of previous results against opposition. For example, when viewing the reports or scorecards for a game, a link could be made available to display the previous reports and match reports against that opposition. In addition, I could add some figures to show Wins, Losses etc against that team.

7) Members contact page. Status: Not started

Nick Demeza got in touch with me and came up with an excellent idea to have some facility on the site to enable old members to get in contact with each other. My first idea is to build it into the player profile area so that each player can edit their own profile and submit their contact details. Obviously these contact details would be hidden from view and the website would act as the message medium.